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Are you an Indigenous woman beginning to explore owning a business and being your own boss? Would you like to manage your own time and work around your family’s

Welcome to the Maskawisiw Women In Business Start-Up Program, where we provide guidance, expertise, and mentoring at the early start-up phase of business to Indigenous women ready to strike out on their own. Maskawisîw (pronounced “Mus-Kow-See-You”) in the Cree language means “Strong, Powerful, Vigorous”. We believe in the staying power of strong female leaders within the Indigenous community.

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We developed a curriculum blending inspiration, education, and support specifically to meet the needs of Indigenous women who have ideas for a business but are unsure what step to take next. We help you explore business ownership opportunities and develop a business plan that could be used for financing as well as a roadmap for business success. Whether completed online or in person, the training is delivered at no cost to the attendee.

You'll hear inspirational stories of Indigenous women who have successfully launched businesses, learn their secrets as they share tips, tools, and encouragement with our program participants. The entrepreneurial journey can feel daunting or lonely without the support of women who understand you and have walked the path before you. Our participants say they are inspired and encouraged by hearing other Indigenous women speak about overcoming their struggles to create a legacy for their children.

Entrepreneurship can offer more potential benefits to Indigenous women than employment. As an entrepreneur, you are your own boss, and your schedule can be much more flexible. You can set your own hours and structure your work around your schedule. This makes it easier to balance work and family life—a significant concern for many women who are also caring for children. Being in control of your business means that you can choose how much responsibility you want to take on. Some women work full-time, while others prefer to keep their business small, with limited clients, allowing them to work part-time.

Does this sound like the freedom and flexibility you’re looking for?

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