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Online Training 


The program includes instant access to webinars and workbooks—downloadable and printable—accessible 24/7. The online training follows the same outline as the in-person training, with the option for a registered user to access online mentoring with one of our course facilitators for additional fees. The online training opportunities also include a series of pre-recorded inspirational stories from successful Indigenous women in business and business-building webinars.

Online Business Training for Indigenous Female Entrepreneurs, funding for women in business

In order to gain access to our courses, you'll need to follow the steps below to register for our Online Training Courses

Step One:


Make a profile on our sign-up page the top left of the website.


If you already have done so, then move onto the following steps.

Step Two:


Use the button below to take you to our online application form. Once there, fill out your information and submit.

Step Three:

Wait upon your application approval.

Once approved, you will have access to our Online Training Courses

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