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Resources and Connections

We'd love to connect you with all the available support systems for successful Indigenous entrepreneurs. Please feel free to check out any of the following Indigenous & Métis business resources:




Business Link Indigenous Services:
We provide one-on-one support and guidance, market research, access to experts,
training, networking opportunities, and specialized support for Indigenous entrepreneurs
across Alberta.


Indigenous Tourism:
We are a non-profit organization committed to growing and promoting a sustainable, culturally rich Indigenous tourism industry in Canada.



Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada:
We focus on creating partnerships between associations, organizations, government departments and industry leaders from across Canada to support Indigenous tourism growth in Canada and address the demand for the development and marketing of authentic Indigenous experiences.



Indigenous Services Canada:
We work collaboratively with partners to improve access to high-quality services for First Nations, Inuit and Métis. Our vision is to support and empower Indigenous peoples to independently deliver services and address their communities socio-economic conditions.




Short-term, interest-free loans and non-repayable contributions of up to $306.8 million are available for small and medium-sized Indigenous businesses through Aboriginal financial institutions.



Aboriginal Youth Business Council:
We are a group of young entrepreneurs who attempt to meet the needs of Aboriginal youth in Canada. There is wealth of information out there, and we want to be your guide. Through this web site we hope to help you find the information you need to reach your entrepreneurial aspirations.



Alberta Indian Investment Corporation:
We are a First Nation-owned investment company providing lending and business resources for First Nation people in Alberta. The entrepreneurial support we provide empowers First Nation business owners to successfully build businesses that will positively impact their community.


Apeetogosan (Métis) Development Inc:
We service all of Alberta and are happy to assist Métis and Indigenous Entrepreneurs who plan to start or expand a business. The loan process is designed to ensure that the ingredients for profitability are contained in the business proposal. We are here to help you along the path of turning your idea into a successful reality.



Settlement Investment Corporation (SIC):
We are 100% owned by Settlement Sooniyaw Corporation, which in turn is owned by the Métis Settlements General Council on behalf of the members of the eight Métis Settlements. We maintain a staff who work together delivering both lending and business development services to the eight Métis Settlements & Members. 



Community Futures Treaty 7 (CFT7):
We have a dual mandate of Entrepreneurship and Training and Employment. The two programs operate independently under separate funding arrangements with staff dedicated to each. However, they also work collaboratively on projects and planning.



Government of Canada – Aboriginal Entrepreneurship:
We offer a list of Indigenous business development programs that support Indigenous entrepreneurs and business owners in Canada.



Aboriginal Investment Fund:
We help Indigenous community-owned businesses capitalize on business development opportunities to improve socio-economic outcomes.





Red Deer Native Friendship Society Facebook Group:
Our focus is on providing Aboriginal people with traditional Cultural Teachings and Intervention/Prevention programs to help the transition to urban living, enhancing quality of life.




Âsokêwin Friendship Centre (RMH):
Our centre is designed to improve the quality of life for all Aboriginal people in an urban environment by supporting self-determined activities which encourage equal access to and participation in Canadian society which strengthens Aboriginal culture.



Red Deer Urban Aboriginal Voices Society:
Our society amplifies the voices of Indigenous people to take community action on important matters. We work collaboratively and cooperatively amongst ourselves, with governments and other organizations on issues and priorities affecting our community in Red Deer.


Rupertsland Institute – Métis:
We are an affiliate of the Métis Nation of Alberta and hold a triple mandate in education, training and research. We offer programs, services and information to Métis people in these areas through a network of offices across Alberta.


Indigenous Services Canada (ISC):
We work collaboratively with partners to improve access to high quality services for First Nations, Inuit, and Métis. Our vision is to support and empower Indigenous peoples to independently deliver services and address the socio- economic conditions in their communities.



Alberta Native News:



A division of Aboriginal Multi-Media Society

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